Biljardt Family of 5

Posted by admin on August 23, 2013

I’m pretty sure these are the first official Biljardt family portraits I’ve taken as a party of 5. (Correct me if I’m wrong Julie!) Adding a sweet little niece to the mix was just what was needed to balance out these family portraits sessions. Miss A is always trying to keep up with the boys yet she adds a distinctly feminine spunk [a bit like her mother maybe?] Okay, okay I better stop and let the photos speak for themselves! Lots of ♥ from Indy to Winnipeg :)




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Photographic Therapy

Posted by admin on August 22, 2013

You all should be happy to know that I cleaned the entire house yesterday- by myself! I asked Kara, my fabulous cleaning lady, to show me her processes. So last week we cleaned together, and I actually took notes. :) What I loved most about having Kara come clean is that it looked, felt, and smelt clean- everywhere, all at once! I would look around a think “ahhhhhh.” Before I had a cleaning lady, I would randomly clean. There wasn’t even a schedule to it. I’d clean the toilets as a response to being grossed out by them. Wipe out the refrigerator only after something spilled. Mopped the floor when shoes started sticking to it. And, I definitely only dusted about 3 times/year!

As you know, I’ve being trying to create a schedule, routine, for myself now that my kids are in school. At first I thought it would be nice to do one thing each day to keep up with the cleaning. For example, Monday would be toilets, Tuesday would be the kitchen, Wednesday would be dusting, Thursday would be floors- etc, etc. But I knew that would tie me down to something every single day of the week, and I would never again have that “ahhhhhhh” feeling. So, I’m happy to report that in 3-4 hours each Wednesday morning I am able to have an “ahhhhh” clean house! I was only distracted from my duties by one thing- a Lego man.

I was dusting the staircase, banisters, newel posts when I found a stray Lego man. My 3 kids (2 children and 1 hubby) are responsible for picking up and putting away all their belongings each evening, but doing an extra good job Tuesday evening (because I want to actually clean Wednesday morning- not waste time picking up other people’s things). Jack only had school for 2.5 hours/day up until now, so it was often that I’d find Lego guys randomly throughout the house- even after pick up. Sadly, he has such a long day now that he doesn’t have much time for Lego during the week, and after my huge purge/organization to the playroom and bedrooms, the Legos are pretty well contained.

My duster almost whacked Two Face, Batman’s foe, who was surveying the front room from the raised vantage point of the newel post. I felt a twinge as sadness. I’m usually a little irked when I find something that should have been put away, but it reminded me that he wasn’t home playing with his toys. He is all grown up, at school and learning. So, I quickly grabbed my camera, threw on my macro lens, and shot a few pictures of him. My focus is photography now. Best to combat my mommy impulse with a photographic one, right?


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