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Feast of Lanterns

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

My better half is away for work this week, so between holding down the fort on my own and trying to prep for our Labor Day weekend plans, this may be my only post this week. The old Jessica would have gotten hung up over not sticking to my 5 days/week rule, but I’ve decided I want to enjoy blogging. Seeing things as a chore takes the fun right out of things! It’s funny how our attitude effects everything in (or not in) our lives.

We have lived downtown 9 years and have never made it to the Feast of Lanterns. I saw pictures of it last year on FB and thought, “wow- what a great photo opportunity!!” We had too many things going on last weekend, so we weren’t able to get to the Feast of Lanterns this year either. By 10:30 p.m., I was just pulling my daughter’s birthday cake out of the oven for her 12 noon party the next day. Having just realized I’d have to run to the store for powdered sugar to be able to make the icing to frost it AND feeling dizzy and tired from the sinus pressure I’d been having, my attitude was such that I was just about to throw in the towel and go to bed!

But, I said to myself, “Forget what time it is. You know what you need and WANT to do!” So, I grabbed my camera and purse and flew out the door. My first stop was the Feast of Lanterns. My some saving grace, I found a close parking spot. I walked around for 20 minutes enjoying the music, the balmy night, and all the twinkling lights. A complete stranger even invited me to sit on their blanket for awhile! That’s when I saw the best perspective for my shots. Lying on my back in the grass, pointing my camera straight up. I wasn’t there long, but my head cleared up. I got my mojo back, and I got some great shots! Then I ran to the store for powdered sugar, came home, finished the cake, sewed a skirt, wrapped presents, and was in bed by 1 a.m. Much too late for me, but I was happy and ready for my first baby to turn 8 :)



Photographic Therapy

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

You all should be happy to know that I cleaned the entire house yesterday- by myself! I asked Kara, my fabulous cleaning lady, to show me her processes. So last week we cleaned together, and I actually took notes. :) What I loved most about having Kara come clean is that it looked, felt, and smelt clean- everywhere, all at once! I would look around a think “ahhhhhh.” Before I had a cleaning lady, I would randomly clean. There wasn’t even a schedule to it. I’d clean the toilets as a response to being grossed out by them. Wipe out the refrigerator only after something spilled. Mopped the floor when shoes started sticking to it. And, I definitely only dusted about 3 times/year!

As you know, I’ve being trying to create a schedule, routine, for myself now that my kids are in school. At first I thought it would be nice to do one thing each day to keep up with the cleaning. For example, Monday would be toilets, Tuesday would be the kitchen, Wednesday would be dusting, Thursday would be floors- etc, etc. But I knew that would tie me down to something every single day of the week, and I would never again have that “ahhhhhhh” feeling. So, I’m happy to report that in 3-4 hours each Wednesday morning I am able to have an “ahhhhh” clean house! I was only distracted from my duties by one thing- a Lego man.

I was dusting the staircase, banisters, newel posts when I found a stray Lego man. My 3 kids (2 children and 1 hubby) are responsible for picking up and putting away all their belongings each evening, but doing an extra good job Tuesday evening (because I want to actually clean Wednesday morning- not waste time picking up other people’s things). Jack only had school for 2.5 hours/day up until now, so it was often that I’d find Lego guys randomly throughout the house- even after pick up. Sadly, he has such a long day now that he doesn’t have much time for Lego during the week, and after my huge purge/organization to the playroom and bedrooms, the Legos are pretty well contained.

My duster almost whacked Two Face, Batman’s foe, who was surveying the front room from the raised vantage point of the newel post. I felt a twinge as sadness. I’m usually a little irked when I find something that should have been put away, but it reminded me that he wasn’t home playing with his toys. He is all grown up, at school and learning. So, I quickly grabbed my camera, threw on my macro lens, and shot a few pictures of him. My focus is photography now. Best to combat my mommy impulse with a photographic one, right?