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Baby V is 6 months!

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Baby V is back and as beautiful as ever! I just love my Baby’s 1st Year clients. It fantastic getting to know these little people… their personalities, their milestones… it’s like I’m a small part of the family for a couple hours, every few months :)

We traveled to Trader’s Point Creamery for these fall family shots. It’s a quaint, little farm, that houses a little cafe and a store that sells super fresh milk and cheese. I enjoy supporting local when I can. Plus, I’ve seen the facility my food comes from and nothing I’ve seen makes me squirm. The raw milk cheddar is one of my favorites. Check it out sometime!

Baby M

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Well, I wish I had time to update my blog with every session, but I just don’t. I’m okay with that now, and I’m not going to try to play catch up anymore! With 4 sessions last week and a preschool today, I’m toast for sure ;o) But all is well for those looking for a sneak peak or those checking up on my latest work because I always manage to throw them up on Facebook. So, be sure to check out Jessica C Photography on FB for all the latest! I really do enjoy having the time to write and format for a blog entry, so I’m happy to introduce Baby M.

Meet Baby M! He is a Baby’s First Year Client. These are his 3 month pictures, check back to Baby M’s album on FB for his newborn cuteness! Well… maybe I’ll format some of his newborn shots too :)

3 Months !

Newborn !