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WANTED: 2011 Senior Reps

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Effective June 31st, the Senior Rep program for 2011 seniors has been closed. Senior Reps that were chosen from the application process must have his/her session completed by July 31st, per the program guidelines. I will reopen the program to 2012 Seniors in February of 2011.

Just to clarify… I am still photographing 2011 Seniors! Please contact me with any further questions or to make an appointment.

Who: I will choose two Class of 2011 seniors from each school. To be eligible you must fill out the attached application, be an outgoing and motivated 2011 senior, preferably involved in your school and community.

What: Each chosen rep will get one “The Graduate” session completely free of charge. After “The Graduate” session I’ll print up 50 rep cards with your picture and my contact info. All you have to do is pass out these cards to other seniors. For every senior that books with one of your rep cards, you’ll get a $50 print credit and they’ll get a $25 print credit. If 5 seniors book, I’ll bump you up to a $300 print credit. If 5 more book, I’ll add on either a 10×10 album (of 20 pages) OR 75 folded (or 125 flat) custom designed graduation announcements. Think you can do better than that? If you’ve referred 15 or more seniors, you’ll be entered into a drawing for an 8 GB iPod Nano.

What Else: I know that Seniors like posting their pictures on MySpace and Facebook. Because of that you’ll receive 10 of your favorite images, watermarked and web sized, to use for online purposes. You’ll also get a spiral bound proof book to show off your images.

When: All senior rep sessions must take place before July 31st, 2010.

Where: You tell me. Sessions can take place anywhere within a 30 mile radius of Monument Circle, Indianapolis city center. I shoot 100% on location, so you session isn’t going to look like everyone else’s.

Why: I need fresh senior faces for my website and blog. In order to show my newest work, I need someone to shoot. Finally, other seniors are going to listen to you saying that you love your pictures before they listen to me saying that they will love their pictures. You need senior pictures. Why shouldn’t we work together?

How to enter? Email me the following at and put Senior Rep 2011 in the subject line, please.

First Name
Last Name
Zip Code
Parent/Guardian Name(s)
High School
Facebook and MySpace address
Extra Curricular Activities
Favorite Music
Favorite Clothing Stores
Favorite Websites
Recent Photo
and most importantly… Why you think you would make a good senior rep! This is your chance to sell yourself.

New Senior Products

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Here are just a few of my newly acquired senior products. Very chic and trendy… your senior will be the envy of their class with these savvy products! We have 3 designs for 10×10 albums, several 411 card designs, and limitless graduation cards- everything from flat and folded 5×7 cards to 5×5 trifold cards. All colors and text are editable… layouts can be oriented to suit your fav photos. I’m very excited about the class of 2011 season and be on the lookout for my senior rep offer!

Preppy Chic Book

411 Cards

(front & back)

Graduation Announcements

5×5 tri-fold card